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Melina Furman


Melina Furman is Ph.D. and M.A. in Science Education from Columbia University, United States of America, and BA in Biological Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She serves as Associate Professor and Researcher at the School of Education at St. Andrew´s University and as Assistant Researcher at CONICET. She coordinates the Academic Improvement Area in Science from Bicentennial Schools (www.ebicentenario.org.ar) and is co-author of the secondary level Biology Curriculum Design of the Province of Buenos Aires.

She founded the Civil Association “Expedición Ciencia” [Scientific Expedition] (ww.expedicionciencia.org.ar) and is the professor of “El Mundo de las Ideas”, a creativity and innovation course. She is the author of books, academic publications, curriculum materials and science articles for teachers and students, including “La aventura de enseñar Ciencias Naturales” ["The Adventure of teaching Science"], from Editorial Aique, “La Ciencia en el Aula” ["Science in the Classroom"] from Paidós and “Ciencias Naturales: aprender a investigar en la escuela” ["Science: learn to research in school"], from Novedades Educativas. She wrote and conducted “La Casa de la Ciencia” [The House of Science], a children science program from the tv channel Paka Paka.


María Eugenia Podestá


María Eugenia Podestá is M.A in Education from Bath University, U.K, postgraduate in Education from the Argentine Catholic University and BA in Biochemistry from Buenos Aires University, Argentina.

She conducts the Extension Area at the School of Education, St. Andrew´s University. Is co-author and editor of “Mejorar la Escuela. Acerca de la gestión y la Enseñanza” [School improvement. About management and teaching.] (2004, Granica Editions), “Mejorar la gestión directiva en la escuela” [Improving school management] (2007, Granica Editions) and co-author of “La Aventura de enseñar Ciencias Naturales” [The adventure of teaching Science] (2009, Aique Editions), “El Rol del supervisor en la mejora escolar” [The role of supervisors in school improvement] (2009, Aique Editions) and “El cerebro que aprende” [How does the brain learn] (2013, Aique Editions).

She currently co-conducts “New challenges in teaching”, a posgraduate pedagogical updating program at St. Andrew´s University. She is also director of the new “Neurosciences and Education” collection from Aique Edition Group. She conducts the Pedagogical Residence at the Educational Sciences Professorship at St. Andrew´s University, is a member of the institutional assessment team of the same university and is pedagogical advisor for the science and school improvement area.


Investigation team:

Cristián Rizzi

Cristian Rizzi

Cristián has a Masters Degree in Technology Education, UNED, Spain. Is BA and Proffesor in Chemistry from Salvador University, Argentina. He currently serves as Pedagogical advisor for Intel´s Education programs in Argentina, he coordinates different programs to integrate ICT and science, and as a professor in activities from the Area of Extension, School of Education at St.Andrew´s University. Is a member of L@atitud Nodo Sur Network, a group of professionals that promote Teaching for Understanding in Latin America. He has worked for 13 years as a secondary teacher and has more than 20 years of experience in training teachers to incorporate ICTs in education. He was a speaker at TEDx Avenida Corrientes in September 2012 on “Digital Simulation”.


Diana Jarvis

Diana foto

Diana has a Masters Degree in Educational Management from the Universidad de San Andrés, has a bachelor degree in Psychopedagogy from the Universidad del Salvador and is a Preschool Teacher. She currently serves as the Academic Coordinator of the Universidad de San Andrés´ postgraduate pedagogical updating program at Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz and Chubut.  She is a member of the institutional evaluation team and is a professor at the online course “Make and think in kindergarten level” both at the same university. She also works as a kindergarten technical consultant at the department of Curriculum Management at the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires.  She specializes on issues involving educational management, social-emotional learning, games and science learning in kindergarten, initial literacy and educational planning. She published “Hacia el jardín de infantes que queremos” ["Towards the Kindergarten we promote"] (2012, Aique), “La función del director en el Jardín de Infantes” ["The principles´ role in Kindergarten Level"] (2011, Editorial Académica Española) and the chapter titled “El nivel inicial, primer peldaño en el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje” [Kindergarten level, the first step in the process of teaching and learning] in the book “Mejorar la escuela”, edited by Gvirtz and Podestá (2004, Granica).


Gabriel Gellon


Gabriel is PhD in Biology from Yale University, United States of America, and biologist from Buenos Aires University, Argentina. Is a professor for Introduction to Science at St. Andrew´s University. He leads the Education team of the Science Popularization Directorate from the argentine Ministry of Education. He is a founder and former president of “Expedición Ciencia” [Science Expedition]. He has been a teacher in both argentine and american schools. He is the author of numerous teaching and outreach materials, like “El Huevo y la Gallina” [The hen and the egg] and “Había una vez el átomo” [Once upon an atom], from Colección Ciencia que Ladra, Siglo XXI Editions.


Research assistants:

Mariana Luzuriaga

Foto cv (1)

Mariana has a bachelor degree and professorship in Education from San Andrés University. She is part of the Science Education Program, participating in various research projects and professional teacher development programs.  She is coauthor of academic papers and didactic materials in the area, and is involved in the design of teacher training courses for the National Institute of Teacher Education (INFoD).

She also serves as a professor assistant and tutor in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at UdeSA.


Inés Taylor


Inés has a BSc in Biology from the University of Bristol, England. She completed her PGCE at Kings College London, as part of the Teach First program. Between 2015 and 2016, she was part of Juan Carlos Tedesco’s team in the Teaching Improvement Program of the National University of San Martín. As a volunteer and then coordinator of Limited Resource Teacher Training Ltd., she led volunteer teacher training conferences in Tanzania, Ghana and Belize. She is currently a Research Assistant in the Science Education Program at the University of San Andrés, where she is also a tutor in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


Bachelor, Masters and PhD students:

Manuel Sánchez

Adrián Minzi

Cindy Parra

Karen Sefarty

Carolina Emetz

Celina Benegas

Mariana Jacob

Melania Ottaviano

Florencia Di Mauro

Catalina Beltramo

Florencia Praderio


Thesis disertants:

Florencia Di Mauro

Florencia Ricci

Yanina Canabal

Rosario Fernández Hileman

María del Carmen Barreto

Sandra Milena González

Florencia Praderio

Dolores Latugaye

Rocío Albornoz

Verónica Poenitz