Professional development

Teaching and teacher education are key pillars of the Science Education Program, as they allow the establishment of fundamental and enriching relationships between investigation and the experience and knowledge of teacher educators, teachers and students. In this section we include various teacher training, school counseling, school improvement and teaching programs.

Ongoing programs:

  • The adventure of teaching Science: Online course that aims to introduce teachers with inquiry based teaching strategies that foster scientific thinking in students.

  • Bicentenary Schools: Since 2007, 155 elementary and secondary schools in high vulnerability contexts in 6 different argentine states participated in this School improvement program jointly developed with IIEP-UNESCO until 2013 and currently with the IEO.

  • Biology methods teacher education program: blended course for 1st and 2nd grades secondary teachers from public schools of the City of Buenos Aires.

  • Integrating ICT to science teaching: blended teacher training program for teachers at rural areas that participate in the “Sembrador” Program from Bunge & Born and Perez Companc foundations.

  • WISE-SABIO Project: science teaching program for secondary level that consists on the adaptation and implementation of WISE, an inquiry based virtual learning platform originaly developed by Berkeley University.

  • Introduction to Science, Neurosciences and scientific investigation: Subjects dictated at St. Andrew´s University for students from every degree.

  • Consulting and training at schools: courses, workshops, conferences and consultories at preschool, elementary, secondary, tertiary and university levels.